A Special Wheat


Mean Features :

The main requirements of durum wheat are related to nutrition and health, and preventive action, carried out by the antioxidants found in remilled wheat bran, against modern diseases.

  • low humidity percentage (10.25% ca) that gives  greater shelf life;
  • gluten content superior to other flours;
  • high protein content, that goes from 12.5% to 14.0%;
  • characterized presence of natural fibres;
  • high content of antioxidants compared to cereal flour preparations obtainable from other, able to give the remilled durum wheat semolina nutritional characteristics;
  • the quantity and quality of proteins,contained on remilled flour, helps to absorption of water and a slower process, result of in increased shelf life;
  • presence of carotenoids, substances that play a protective role against senility and diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Source: Institute of Experimental Production of Foggia.

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